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Data Guru Alex “Sandy” Pentland on the Power of Using Mobile Technology to Help People Monitor Their Health

Mobile Technology health

MIT Professor and data guru Alex “Sandy” Pentland has spoken about how using data will help us change personal behaviour and that in the future it eventually will reduce healthcare costs. “Most of healthcare cost is dealing with people who are really sick” says MIT professor. “If you could do continuous monitoring of yourself and know when you are getting ...

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Reseller Hosting – Benefits of Reseller Hosting Options

Web hosting is good for different types of web sites that want to make their presence in the internet. Many companies facilitate web hosting at competitive prices. One can choose any company to have it host a website in the internet through comparing the services and prices of different companies. Website hosting is extensively classified into shared website hosting, dedicated ...

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What One Should Remember In Affiliate Marketing Program?

Marketing Strategies

In the arena of online marketing, there are numerous aspects that one needs to be aware of. One such form of online marketing is the online affiliate program. It is the desire of every single person to be successful and have good amount of money. In the online world, the program of affiliate marketing has provided a lot of people ...

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Getting To Know Salesforce Trigger Best Practices


In the industrial sectors, there are in fact numerous small and medium level enterprise owners who still have no idea and proper knowledge on how to handle their businesses in an effective manner so that every little thing can be tracked in the given system. For this reason, such companies lose the track of certain procedures in one way or ...

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Select this Small Business IT Support Online for better business efficiency

IT services

My small business setup required to be shuffled so as to generate a formidable support from a renowned IT services company.  Procuring an optimal web based IT support would be a new high that my business could achieve. I required a system that would manage my firm’s projects systematically. My business had to tackle a lot of intricacies and I ...

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