How to Choose a Doorbell Home Security System

Gadgets play a very important role in our lives today. With new inventions and technologies bringing new utility gadgets into the market, simple old utilities like the doorbells etc. are fast becoming a thing of the past. In fact today the installation of a doorbell home security system has become a necessity with an increase in the number of home crimes committed.

But with so many different varieties of these systems available, it becomes very confusing for the buyer to choose them. In order to be able to buy a good system, he should look for the following features:

  • Indoor monitor

The display panel, battery type and capacity form the three most important criteria that need to be looked into. Hence the system should have a minimum TFT colour display of about 7inches and a Li-Ion battery. It should also have the ability to record and store the pictures it takes.

  • Outdoor camera

The camera type and its corresponding sensor need to be checked along with its resolution. Power should be sourced here too from a Li-Ion battery and light from infrared LED. This will enable a good quality night vision and also enable the camera to capture images in dim lights. In order to protect the outdoor camera from the elements of the weather, ample protection needs to be provided for in the form of rain shield etc.

  • Battery

The batteries for both the monitor and the camera needs to be rechargeable to enable cost effectiveness and should also be replaceable to enable a longer life for the system.

  • Area of transmission

In general an anti-interference transmission distance of about 300metres makes for an excellent doorbell home security system.

  • Other features

There has to be ample choice of doorbell melodies with an adjustable melody volume. The microphone volume should also be adjustable and the system should have a wall mounting system to increase its utility.

The presence of other add-on features is generally optional but helps to give value for money. They should also be looked into but priority should be given to the features mentioned above so as to get maximum level of security from the device purchased.