Control the flow of information with PIM solutions

Accelerate your time to market and dramatically increase your sales by working with a product information management service. You can enjoy many benefits from these services such as improving customer search and navigation functionality, lowering the complexity of data so that transparency is increased, and streamlining your data.


These days nothing could be more important than having detailed product information. This means that in today’s world, which is so content and information driven, you will always have to be ahead of the game. It is now a fact that consumers are demanding rich data, and this drives purchase decisions, so getting it right is crucial.

With the right analytical data, potential customers can make purchase decisions, so this is a key area that all businesses should be focusing on. With the right product information management service you can be sure that data is accurate and consistent so that all business groups across your organisation benefit from this streamlining.


With PIM solutions, you can expect that your enterprise becomes more efficient since the flow of you product data will be rigorously interrogated to ensure it’s working at its best for you. This kind of work affects all areas of your business from sales to IT, so should not be overlooked. Thankfully, these solutions ensure that your data is synchronised across all of your corporate systems.

There are plenty of benefits to product information management, starting with the fact that you can increase new product introductions. Where billions of dollars worth of sales is lost every year thanks to there being information inefficiencies in supply changes, product information management can prevent all of this.

Equally, you will benefit from streamlined supplier data which works efficiently for you by offering a quicker time to market for catalogues. Product information management helps with data in catalogues where studies have shown that a high percentage, as it stands, have errors. Furthermore, usually introducing new items can be incredibly costly due to the large volume of manual work required, taking up to four weeks. This doesn’t have to be the case, and isn’t, with effective product information management.

You can provide your customers with accurate content which they can access at the right time and in all the right places easily when you work with product information management solutions. You have top quality information being disseminated throughout all the relevant channels thanks to a system which enables particular data stewards and approvers. This means you can reduce supply chain costs while simultaneously boosting revenue from some channels.

Having just one repository for your critical information means that there is always a clear focus point, and from here your product information gets distributed. This means that whether that information is going into print catalogues or stores, it is always standardised and completely up to date. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that you can market your product to its full potential without your message getting diluted at all.