IMEI Changer

Today you will discover the secret that all mobile network carriers have been keeping from you: HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR SIM LOCKED HANDSET.

No one ever wants to have a fancy smart phone that has a SIM lock on. Unfortunately most of us do because it is cheaper that way. So, one way or another we can all end up with a mobile phone device that has this SIM card restrictions activated. Sometimes we do this by choice, when we go directly to the carrier’s retail services and sometimes we buy a device from a second hand retailer without realizing that it was offered to us as a SIM locked on.

The easy way out of this situation is to change the IMEI code of the SIM locked device. The other way is to wait for the 24 months to pass and the SIM lock to disappear or to pay an enormous amount of money to various SIM unlocking services.

Many IMEI changing tools are free for you to download and use and that is why this solution is the most desired one. You have already paid for that phone once so you don’t have to spend more of your budget just to be able to choose which carrier’s service you would like to use in the future.2

What is the most reliable IMEI changing tool?

As I said before there are a lot of tools that claim to be able to change the IMEI code of your cell phone device. However, not all of these services are cheap or even free. If you’re looking for a free IMEI changing service that is as good as any other expensive tool then you should definitely download the IMEI Changer Application Tool.

How to change the IMEI code with the IMEI Changer Application Tool?

The procedure is easy and straight forward. The list of instructions that comes for free with the free tool is rather short and easy to comprehend. If it can help you make the decision the list of instructions and the steps you need to follow looks like this:

  1. Download the IMEI Changer Application Tool on your laptop, PC or tablet.
  2. Once you install the imei changer tool you can connect your mobile phone device to the same laptop, tablet or PC where the tool was installed.
  3. Next, you should open the tool by clicking two times on it or you can right click on the tool and select “open” when the menu appears.
  4. Now you will see that there are some details that need to be entered. Some of these details are mandatory, and others are optional. Of the mandatory pieces of information you will need to provide the IMEI of your device and its model and brand. If you are not sure what your IMEI currently is then dial *#60# from your mobile phone device and you should be able to see the code on your phone’s screen.
  5. Last, but not least click “IMEI change” and wait for the new IMEI to be calculated and delivered to you.

Following these five simple steps will help you achieve your ultimate goal: to change your IMEI code and with that to unlock your SIM locked mobile phone device.

If you like this free software application tool and the service that it provides don’t forget to recommend it and share it with your friends.


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