ORM: Self-Driving Bus

Self-driving cars have been the most popular subject within the automobile industry; however, ORM has released a statement about a self driving bus that is well on its way. Two companies formed a joint venture in order to create a public transportation bus that is autonomous. It will still occupy a driver for emergencies and overall surveillance of the bus; at least in the first few years of it’s service. The companies that shared their resources to create the bus are both companies who sold parts and technology to many big carmakers. One company specialized in technology and the other was specialized in creating the chassis and body of the vehicle. The tech-based company was from Germany and the other company was from Britain. They created the joint venture within the United States because it was the perfect place to test their product. ORM was responsible of promoting the new joint venture towards the Americans in order to spread awareness. Many Americans are quite hesitant on self-driving cars because there was an incident that occurred in California where a man died from a self-driving car. It was a test from another company other than Tesla; however, this story spread throughout the states very quickly and many people are starting to oppose the idea of self-driving vehicles all together.Image result for ORM: Self-Driving Bus

Social media became the key medium for ORM to promote the bus and how it would work. They also used the stereotypical saying about German engineering and how no deaths will occur during the testing phase of the product. Many millennial’s were quite excited at the concept of a self-driving bus but some questions are being raised such as when someone is late for the bus and the driver will wait for them to run to the bus. Will the autonomous bus perform such tasks will it function like a typical robot would. Hopefully ORM will be able to ease the minds of bus drivers and potential passengers. One thing everyone must remember, even though it is being tested and marketed for sale in about a year or two, doesn’t mean the state will purchase it right away. This is why ORM is not only targeting the people but the government officials and they are creating a portfolio to demonstrate how much the state can save if they moved towards autonomous buses. Also, did they mention this bus runs on electricity?