Types of Information Systems

When it comes to any company including the ORM company, information needs can vary according to managerial level. An information system is something that can be divided into two categories, which include those that meet the needs of low-level managers and those that meet the needs of middle and upper-level managers. Low-level managers are the managers that are in charged of running day-to-day operations and make routine decisions and they usually use operations support systems. An operations support system can fall into three categories including the transaction processing system, process control system, and the computer-aided design software. The transaction processing system involves the input, the transaction, the process and then the output which includes reports and summaries of individual and collected transactions, updated data for processing and invoices, monthly bills. The process control system involves simply the application of technology in order to monitor and control the physical process of what is going on. Process-control technology can include if a system breaks down and it requires immediate attention by a service attendant. The design and production systems involve a computer-aided design that allows for designers to test computer models digitally before moving the new product into the prototype stage.Image result for Types of Information Systems\n

When it comes to the mid and upper-level managers, they on the other hand can use one of four types od management support system in order to assist them with decision-making activities. The four types include management information systems, decision support systems, executive information systems and expert systems. A management information system is something that can extract data from a database in order for the manager to make the daily report needed and this can help them make routine decisions. A decision support system is an interactive system that can collect and integrate data from multiple sources. The executive information system is mainly used for the purpose of developing plans and making major decisions and it allows them to gather relevant, timely and information that is easily understood. It is used to gather strategic information. Finally, an expert system is a system that mimics expert judgment by following a set of rules that experts would follow. This system relies on artificial intelligence. \n”watch movie War for the Planet of the Apes now